Ageing Lips

As you age you will notice that your lips appear thinner with less volume.

Lines form on the upper lip that can cause lipstick to bleed, and the corners of the mouth tend to droop downwards giving you a sad look.

You may have noticed marionette lines (creases or shadows from corner of the mouth to the jawline) or a prominent nasolabial fold (crease from the nose down to the corner of the mouth). It is also common for there to be wrinkles throughout the red lip so that lipstick can appear flaky.

These changes occur because of a diminishing amount of collagen and elastin in the skin and reduction in the fat pads deep to the skin. It is common for patients to come into the clinic requesting lip filler and this certainly will increase the volume of the lip so that it looks more hydrated but doesn’t remedy all the other changes that have occurred.

At your consultation the doctor will fully assess this area and make recommendations to address your individual concerns. They have a number of treatments at their disposal that can improve the overall appearance and rejuvenate this area.  

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