Aquagold Fine Touch

Aquagold Fine Touch is a microneedling device that delivers a cocktail of skin boosters with vitamins and neurotoxin that improves the quality and health of your skin.

The 20 fine needles are 24 ct gold plated and create microchannels in the skin to deliver the cocktail where it is needed. The skin will be hydrated and the texture refined.

The Aquagold treatment is suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Your skin will be cleansed thoroughly. Topical anaesthetic is generally not required however it can be used if preferred. The Aquagold system will then be used to stamp all over the area to be treated. There is minimal discomfort and no bleeding.
You should expect that your skin will be a little pink and this generally lasts for a few hours. There may be some slight puffiness around the eyes but this tends to settle quickly. Over the next few days your skin will look hydrated and plump and more refined with reduction of pore size and fine lines. The neurotoxin in the aquagold system is delivered too superficially to affect the main part of the muscles however it may affect superficial fibres attached to the skin so that fine lines are minimised and pores are noticeably smaller.
You may have an Aquagold treatment on a monthly basis. In preparation for an event like a wedding we recommend three treatments one month apart with the last treatment one week before the big day.
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