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A bio-remodeller is an injectable anti-ageing treatment that is composed of hyaluronic acid.  Unlike traditional dermal filler a bio-remodeller does not add volume to the area injected.  It works by hydrating the skin and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which in turn improves the overall appearance of the skin.  It also improves the laxity and tone of the skin. 

The doctor will explain the procedure thoroughly and you will be asked to sign a consent form. Photographs will be taken of the area treated. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. Five carefully chosen areas over each cheek will be injected with a soft gel like substance. The injections are a little uncomfortable. There will be a small welt at the injection site that usually disappears over the next 24-48 hrs in most cases.
In the next 24 hrs or so you should notice that your skin looks plump and hydrated and this appearance often lasts for a few weeks. Fine lines will be softened and the texture and appearance of the skin will improve.

There are numerous journal articles published about bio-remodellers and they have an excellent safety profile. Even though they were approved in Australia by the TGA in August 2022, they have been used successfully in Europe since 2015. Because the injections are in the dermis they are usually not associated with occlusion of vessels or necrosis of skin. There is a theoretical risk of infection, however this is unlikely if you have attended a reputable clinic and the skin is appropriately prepared.

On the first treatment you will have five injections on each cheek and this will be repeated one month later. Occasionally we may recommend that you have a third treatment but this is not common.   After this you generally require one treatment only every 6 months to maintain the improvements.

Yes is the simple answer. Unlike dermal filler it  doesn’t add volume in the injected area. Instead it works to improve the elasticity and tone of the skin.

It is possible to have anti- wrinkle injections at the same time as you have the bio-remodeller as long as it is not in the same area.  With regard to traditional dermal filler we recommend that you wait a couple of months after you have had the bio-remodeller injections before you embark on any other filler treatments.  Lip filler falls into a different category and you can discuss this with the doctor during the consultation.  

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