Facial Vessels

Facial vessels or Telangiectasia, are tiny vessels that can be seen near the surface of the skin. They are often pink, red or dark red/ purple in colour and are commonly found around the nostrils and on the cheeks. 

If they appear on the cheeks they often appear as matting which is a collection of individual vessels in the same area.  Telangiectasia can be associated with some connective tissue disorders such as Scleroderma or Lupus but are most commonly seen in fair skinned individuals in areas of sun damage.  They are also common in patients who have Rosacea, Liver disorders or use topical or oral corticosteroids. 

The presence of these vessels on the skin can look unsightly and the appearance made worse with alcohol, heat, sunlight, smoking, hot drinks and spicy food.  They  can be very easily treated with our Excel V+ vascular laser.   

The Dermastat handpiece has a spot size of 2mm and can trace very fine vessels and in most cases the vessels disappear with one treatment. If there is matting then we can use a larger handpiece that is more suitable for larger areas and more than one treatment may be required.   

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