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 Men also undergo the ageing process so it makes sense that many of the concerns that women have are also a problem for men. Wrinkles, loss of volume, pigmentation, scarring and loss of elasticity can all occur at different stages of life and can impact on a mans confidence.

Over the last few years it is becoming more socially acceptable to seek out cosmetic treatments to enhance a mans overall appearance, build their confidence and make them more appealing to the opposite sex. At Papillon we have a growing list of male clients who appreciate our keen aesthetic eye and benefit from any number of treatments.

The most common treatment asked for by men is anti- wrinkle injections.  Wrinkles in the forehead and crows feet area tends to cause men to look older than they are.  Whereas frown lines tend to make them look confused or angry and less appealing to others of the opposite sex.  By softening these lines they feel that they are more approachable to others which is important at work and in social situations. 

Dermal filler is very important for improving the male features but needs to be done very carefully so that their faces are not overly feminised.  Men, like women start losing volume in the deep fat pads of the face and this tends to give them a tired look.  By carefully placing good quality filler in the right areas we can give volume back to the face which rejuvenates the whole face.  We also find that men will often need jawline and chin filler to give them a more masculine look.  Lip filler is also a popular treatment but needs to be performed in a particular way to prevent the lip looking odd. 

Skin care is very important for men as it enhances the overall appearance and helps to maintain results that they have achieved through laser and other skin treatments.  

At Papillon we will make an assessment of your needs and advise you accordingly.  For example if you have volume loss in the cheek area we will use enough filler, which is carefully placed to give the volume you are missing without giving you the ‘done’ look.  If you cant afford to have any down time we will endeavour to choose treatments that achieve the goal but don’t leave you red or swollen for too long.  For example Laser Genesis is a popular treatment for men and is often one of the first skin treatments that they have as it is relatively painless, quick and gives them a nice uniform skin tone without any downtime.  Skin peels are another great option to improve skin health as they range in strength and can give you amazing results with no downtime. 

Papillon Skin Clinic is an experience and this is evident from the moment you enter the facility.  We pride ourselves on being a medical grade skin clinic and your journey with us always starts with a consultation.  At this first appointment, the doctor will listen to your concerns and make their own assessment of appropriate treatments to achieve your results.  You will never feel rushed to commit to a treatment.  At the conclusion of the consultation you are free to leave and consider your options and you will be welcomed back when you are ready to proceed.  Sometimes our clients need more than one consultation before they are ready to make their decision and this is also encouraged.  We look forward to meeting you. 

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