Papillon Signature Facial Treatment: A Luxurious Journey to Radiant Skin

The Papillon Signature Facial is a luxurious facial treatment designed to awaken and rejuvenate your skin, offering an unparalleled experience in Moonee Ponds. This exclusive treatment begins with a thorough 40-minute 3-phase cleanse, complemented by a firm, relaxing facial massage, setting the foundation for a truly transformative skincare journey. Your skin will then enjoy an exfoliation using one of three different exfoliants depending on the condition of your skin. A mask, tailored to your specific skin concerns, will then be applied while you relax.  The facial concludes with the application of beautiful serums and sunscreen. 

For those seeking to amplify their results, the option to add an LED treatment or Laser Genesis to your facial further enhances the benefits of your facial treatment.

FAQs: Your Guide to the Papillon Signature Experience

You can have the facial either on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.  

There are multiple benefits from our facial. This facial treatment deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin, effectively addressing congestion, blackheads, and whiteheads. Treating congestion aids in minimising pores.  The firm facial massage helps to tighten muscles and improve blood flow to the skin.  At the end of the facial your skin will be silky soft and glowing.  With repeat treatments, the skin is younger looking, clearer and healthier. 

Jan Marini products are used throughout the facial.  The therapist will assess your skin and choose one of three exfoliation products.  They also have many different Jan Marini masks to choose from and will often mix two or more masks creating a luxurious cream that is applied to the face, neck and decollate.

There is no downtime with the Papillon Signature Facial.  Your skin may be slightly pink but glowing.

After the facial you will have, a serum, a moisturiser and a sunscreen applied and we ask you to avoid the sun.  That evening we recommend that you cleanse your skin before bed and apply a moisturiser only.  The following morning you may enjoy your usual skincare routine including any activities.  Sunscreen is a must.

The short answer is anyone.  Because we have several different products we can customise the facial for all sorts of skin concerns.  The facial is also ideal 1-2 weeks after any treatment that leads to shedding such as Microneedling or Venus Viva Resurfacing.  This ensures that all dead skin cells are effectively removed to reveal glowing healthy skin.

Papillon Skin Clinic Transform Yourself
Papillon Skin Clinic

Transform Yourself at Papillon Skin Clinic

At Papillon Skin Clinic, we believe in the power of transformation through expert skincare. Our Signature Facial is not just a treatment. It’s an experience designed for those seeking luxury and efficacy in facial treatments in Moonee Ponds. Whether addressing specific skin concerns or simply indulging in a relaxing facial experience that leaves you glowing, our clinic is your sanctuary.

Ready to reveal your best skin? Book your Papillon Signature Facial today and embark on a journey of rejuvenation and relaxation. Experience the bespoke care and expert touch that set us apart in Moonee Ponds. Visit Papillon Skin Clinic to schedule your appointment and transform your skin with our signature touch.

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