Age Spots

Age spots are brown, gray or black lesions that often appear on sun exposed areas of the skin. 

They are commonly found on the face, neck, back, decolletage, and back of the hands.  Age spots are also known as liver spots, sun spots, solar lentigines or senile lentigo.  They are not skin cancers and nor do they develop into cancers. 

They are common in middle aged and older individuals and are related to the amount of sun exposure you have had.  They occur because of an excess production of melanin or skin pigment. 

This type of pigmentation tends to be superficial and we have a number of different treatments that can lighten the pigment and improve the overall appearance of the skin. 

A customised treatment plan will be designed for you and you will be required to use daily sunscreen and avoid the sun to ensure optimal results. 

This type of pigment tends to be very ageing - even more than wrinkles!  We have often found that patients have been embarrassed about the pigmentation and tried to cover it up with thick make up, not knowing that there are quick and effective solutions. 

Treatments range from skin care and medical grade peels through to laser.   

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