Diffuse Redness

Diffuse redness is a common skin concern that is related to dilated capillaries. 

Rather than seeing discrete vessels one usually sees diffuse redness over the face.  It commonly involves the nose, forehead and cheeks. 

It may be constantly red or there may be a flushing and blushing component.  It is related to sun exposure, age, genetics or hormones. It commonly affects those individuals with fair skin who are aged between 30 and 60. 

Females are more likely to develop diffuse redness and Rosacea is an associated  condition that can be passed on genetically.  Just like in Rosacea there can be triggers that lead to flare ups, such as spicy foods, alcohol, stress, exercise and heated rooms. 

Diffuse redness can be managed with medical grade skin care, regular facials and laser treatments. 

Once the diffuse redness has been treated you will require maintenance laser treatments once or twice per year and regular use of sunscreen is usually enough to keep it under control. 

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