Venus Viva Resurfacing

Venus Viva uses nano fractional radiofrequency technology gently resurfaces the skin with little downtime. It can be used on all skin types and delivers exceptional results. The machine delivers a controlled injury to the skin which prompts the body’s natural healing responses that leads to skin resurfacing and improved collagen production.

As a result the skin looks more refined, smoother and more even toned. Because Papillon is a medical grade skin clinic we also have the Venus Viva MD option which delivers the radiofrequency to a deeper level in the skin and therefore is ideal for those patients with acne scarring and more prominent wrinkles.

On the day of the treatment your skin will be cleansed and photographs will be taken. You will sign a consent form after being fully informed about the procedure. We will apply topical anaesthetic and you should only experience mild discomfort. A small cartridge containing 160 or 80 pins will then be stamped over the skin. The pins sit on the surface of the skin and do not penetrate the skin. They instead allow the radiofrequency energy to travel into the skin and cause the microchannels of damage with normal skin in between. By leaving areas of healthy skin the recovery is faster. We will apply a gel over the skin and you will be given instructions. The skin will be red and slightly irritated like you have a sunburn.  Depending on the condition of your skin, and to amplify the results, we may recommend that you have the PRP injected just prior to the Venus treatment during the same session.   This is particularly recommended if you are being treated for acne scarring. 

The redness of the skin lasts usually for 1-3 days. You may have small red raised areas. Your skin over the next few days will feel dry and tight and over the course of the next week your skin will start to shed. You will have smoother more youthful looking skin that looks more refined. The treatment promotes collagen production during the healing phase and this in turn means that the skin continues to remodel for up to 3 months following the last treatment. 

Most people will need 3 treatments. If you have deep wrinkles or acne scarring we will use the Venus Viva MD which penetrates deeper and you may need further treatments to reach the desired results. It is recommended that the treatments are completed every 4-6 weeks. For best result we recommend maintenance treatments of 1-2 every year.
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