Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of overly large breasts. The surgeon will remove breast tissue including breast fat and skin so that your breasts are more in keeping with your size and stature i.e. breasts that are in proportion to your body.

Overly large breasts can cause pain and discomfort but can also lead to women feeling self-conscious about the way they look and can affect their confidence.

It is important that you have a detailed consultation with your surgeon to discuss your goals and expectations.

It is generally recommended that:

  • Your breasts have fully developed prior to a breast reduction.
  • You have completed your family and are not planning to breast feed in the future.
  • You are at your ideal weight as weight loss or weight gain can affect the result.
  • You stop smoking before and after the surgery as smoking is associated with poor healing.

After your surgery you will be asked to wear a support garment and you will be given instructions as to the level of activity that is appropriate whilst your wounds are healing.

At Papillon we use other modalities, some of which are complimentary to ensure your results are enhanced.

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